Maintenance Tips and Tricks

How to work on your machine instead of with your machine?

Due to the current worldwide spread of the COVID-19 many sectors, if not all, are being affected.

Because of the cancellation of events, closing of shops, restaurants, bars, etcetera, the impact on our printing sector is very important.

We can imagine your beloved machines are possibly forced to take a rest as well during the upcoming weeks.

It could be a good moment to take advantage of these less busy times to maintain your machine.

Our technical team therefore prepared a Maintenance Checklist.


- Take note of your machine settings or take a back-up on USB


- Remove all oil and grease from the rails and clean thoroughly with Isopropyl Alcohol

- Apply new (appropriate) grease or oil (3-in-1 oil)

- Clean the encoder strip with Isopropyl Alcohol and a (soft) head wipe. (Be careful, this is a very delicate part)

- Remove all dust from your machine both outside and inside

- Replace cabinet filters

- When you have a hybrid printer, vacuum the small gutters left and right of the conveyor belt

Ink System

- Thorough cleaning of the capper

- Maintain the capper bearings : Remove old ink from the guides and drip some 3-in-1 oil onto the bearings

- Clean the jetplate, also in between the printheads and the jetplate

- Empty the waste tank

- Clean the ink and waste cabinet

UV Lamp System

- Replace the UV-Lamp filters

- Vacuum clean the air inlet/outlet of the T-box (GS) / UV Lamp Ballasts (QS)

- Clean the Light Shields

- Vacuum the Extraction Fans

Do not hesitate to call us (+32 2 793 04 35) in case of any additional questions, we are glad to help you.