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Visual Communication


Boost your customers' sales

This 3D printed giant window display for the Roots brand caused the silver version of the coat to sell out in no time!  Afterwards they requested the model be re-wrapped in red.

Campaign by Cameron Advertising - USA  

Differentiate your 2D printing with 3D applications

Your customers will love you for it as large objects and selfie points are simply a better way for them to capture attention and make their marketing more impactful.  Combine 2D & 3D Printing  in exciting new ways :

- Create complex designs and eye-catching campaigns that combine your current solutions and 3D printing and much more

- Use 3D printing to create molds for your vacuum forming solutions. 

- Use your current print solutions to wrap 3D objects

Capture the spotlight with 3D Billboards

Rolling off the success of their previous dimensional billboard campaign, Emporio Armani relied on large format 3D printing to launch their accessories line with a bang! 

Armani outshines other brands with its creative vision and crowd-stopping campaigns.

Campaign by Colorzenith - Italy


Catch the eye with GIANT Objects

Bring customers’ ideas to life faster. 

When 3Motion was challenged to fabricate two giant bottles for BRU, their fast 3D printer let them accept the job and deliver it on time. The video shows just how fast 3D printing can be with Massivit 3D as they go from designing to 3D printing and installing two 10m tall bottles in just two weeks.

Campaign by 3Motion - Belgium

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